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uMolg ‘f semOyy, Aq poupa pue pedurop Fy GE~\\ (© y) \ WSs Ty SF yoogpury] AoJeTPOsO 2aem 2IdyINh AYSAOYYLT SUL The Lakhovsky Multiple Wave Oscillator Handbook Comprising the Borderland Sciences Research Foundation Lakhovsky Multiple Wave Oscillator & Radio-Cellular Oscillator * Research Files Compiled and Edited by ‘Thomas J. Brown Executive Director of Borderland Sciences Research Foundation Published May 31, 1992 in the Light of further research, In the interests of BSRF Associates by: ©1992 Borderland Sciences Research Foundation ALL rights reserved. No part of this pubication may be reproduced, in a retrieval system or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording or otherwise without the prior permission of the publisher except for brief passages quoted in ISBN 0-945695-03-3 Library of Congress Catalog Number 92-71664 third Revised Edition, Published May 31, 1992 by Borderland Sciences Research Foundation Garberville, California 95440-0429 ao9 8 7 6 5 & 3 2 DISCLAIMER “This books research publication of Borderland Sciences Research Foundation. Itconsitsof our [MWWO and CO files which have been put into some semblance of order to preserve tho records of ‘many people with new nd diferent ideas on how to study the energetic staes of iving systems and Ihow dose aystome may be indhienced by externally applied energies, and alo to allow fr further experimentation in his eldby competentresearchers. Read thisbook thouroughly before ndertak ing any experiments becasue you wil find many different opinions, some confisng as to how proceed. High frequency electrical apparatus can cause serious shock injury and shoul only be handled by knowledgable, competent people. Allexperimentsare conducted solely at your own ris. Wediscaim any responsibilty forthe we or misuse of eny information inthisbook. While this book touchesontherubjectofhuman health alinformationshouldbe consideredasaneedotalandshould notin any way be construed ao medical advice. We are not qualified o give medical advice and the _seofthe experimental equipmentand research techniques described inthisbookmay provides false sense of security wherein one may neglex profesional medical care. Use your brains. Thanks ‘Tom Brown Editor/Publisher